6 Things Men Do To Make You Feel Like You’re The Crazy One

The most frequently asked question to yourself is, ‘’Am I crazy’’ Have you ever wondered ‘why’. The main cause is that your partner makes you believe that you are the one who is responsible for your own problems. Your heart is full of guilt and your inner conscience keeps nudging you that you are the one from whom all the problems descend. And you create yourself a ‘queen bee’ in your own nuthouse.

But to tell you the fact – the things are not like that. It is a false notion that you are crazy, you are being made to believe that you are and that is the success of your partner. The benefit behind this to your partner is unknown. They make you think that you are crazy just to have control over you.

You are fed with negative thoughts so that you kneel in front of them and they can act as the superior creature and take control of your life as you are not able to trust yourself anymore. The term ‘gaslighting’ fits in this situation suitably. This term is used by psychiatrists, and this means to feed negative thoughts in to the mind such an extent that he starts to think negative and doubt their own memory and sanity.

This type of treatment is another form of emotional misuse and the sufferer is forced to doubt his own memory and perceptions and turns into a confused and doubtful character. Listed below are a few things that men use to make you think that you are crazy.

  • He makes you do something wrong, that you know is wrong.
  • He will intentionally bring out issues that hurt you.
  • He keeps feeding you with the thought that you are an emotional fool.
  • He will create fun of you in front of your friends and family.
  • You begin to lie.
  • You are made to doubt your own memory.
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