Meet The First Black Person To Receive A Doctorate In Computer Science At The University Of Florida

In the past and the recent times we have read a lot about the achievements by the people from the Black community that it has now become a very common feature to keep reading about them. Today we are going to congratulate one such achiever. During the Cov-19 period and the disturbance across the country, Jasmine Bowers, created history as she became the first Black person to grab a doctorate in Computer Science from the Florida University.

The doctorate program has the largest number of Black women faculty among the Computer Science departments. She has joined the elite club of historic Black women in STEM like Mary Jackson, the female engineer of the NASA, and Dr. Patrica Bath, the innovative ophthalmologist, who received the first patent for her more precise cataract operation. She places all the credit to her mother whom she once dubbed as the smartest woman she knows, for getting her to this point. She remembers that the seeds of motivation were planted by her mother when she first taught her to use Excel to record her wish list.

She grew up to embrace the technology. She added that she was encouraged by her mother to use other technologies including the equipment that her mother used who was herself a self-taught engineer. It was great to know that 24 percent of doctorates in STEM in 2016 was earned by Blak community women as per a survey conducted by the National Science Foundation. But it was sad that only 5 percent roles were offered in the executive level in the industry. This lack of privilege has kept away the Black women from choosing the program.

Bowers has double majored in Math and Computer Science at Fort Valley State University, before her masters at North Carolina A&T, gives all the credit to her teachers, mentors and friends who kept pushing her throughout her education and she wants to give it back to the next generation.

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