Master P Says He’s Cutting Off The ‘ATM’ To His Family – Video

The drama continues at the Miller family. Mr. P took to the instagram to send a message to his family reading that – The Master P ATM is out of order.

He took the help of the graphic of an ATM to tell his family that he was not supporting them financially from now onwards and they did better find out work for themselves. He also issued a long message with the graphic.

The message read as—they always say that what you get for a man who has everything. what about love, a card or a simple thank you.

If any of them has done anything of that sort then I will start the ATM back. I am sick of supporting the good and bad habits of people for the last 30 years.

No one in the family wants to work. The only thing I did was to chase my dreams and made them real.

I am not God, I am only human. I am not doing it anymore. When you do the right thing, God blesses you and you live long. I am just saying what great men have said before.

The truth is uncomfortable but it still remains the truth. The message came out when a distant relative claimed that he absented himself from the family’s efforts to get his brother out of penal institution. The woman claimed that the family ended up selling everything and also that he was not supporting his father financially.


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