Maskless Woman In Panera Says Masks Can’t Stop Virus Because Pants Can’t Stop Farts – Video

A maskless woman enters a shop in California and the things started getting interesting when she was refused service if she did not put on the mask. Things like this have become very common in US as the people have discovered the effectiveness of the mask as it has failed to slow down the spread of COV-19. But to tell you the fact, this incident took a very interesting turn.

There were other customers too in the shop as the staff started to explain the woman about the mandatory law of California that enforced the people to wear a mask whenever outdoors or in any business premises. She however prevented that her face be recorded in the security cameras of the shop. An employee of the shop was very much adamant to bring to the attention of the customers in the shop the importance of the law of the land. The lady was provided with a mask from the shop. After that the employee called for the security, which arrived only after the customer had left.

The woman tried to record video of the employees not serving her and tried to bring the customers on her side. One of the customers called her selfish and she tried to confront him. She says him to stop it but the man refuses as she was putting them all under potential risk. As the other customers confront her. She shouts on top her voice, ‘’ you think this mask will protect you? You fart out of you’re a and you can smell it.’’

Well, the simple logic says that if you fart, then the tiny particles escape through the fabric of your garment and spread around the room. And these particles are comparatively more smaller than the particles expelled while sneezing or coughing and speaking, and those can carry a virus from the person of origin. This fact cannot be fact checked in any way.

Plain logic says that these shops are private owned business houses that are governed by their own set of rules and regulations. If you are not agreeing to these then better sit at home and prepare your own sandwich and do not wear a mask.

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