Man Swims To His Sunken Van To Retrieve C-igarettes After It Ends Up In Sea – Video

A guy lost his life jumping out of his sunken car to save his weekend. Photographs caught the bizarre and fairly moment a topless man plunged into the sea off Redcar beach on Sunday (July 19) to pick up his tabs, which were trapped inside his white van after it was submerged in water. Initially, it was thought that the vehicle could be rescued from the deep clutches, with a tractor attempting to bring it back to shore, but rescue efforts were ultimately leave as the water rose too high.

The man swam out to the van but ended up returning with four packets of fags, according to witnesses. Keighly Finnegan stood on the beach, watching the whole thing unfold. Speaking to Evening Gazette, she said: The truck was on the beach and the trailer and the speedboat were on the back and he kind of made a wide U-turn on the other end and went backwards.

And then as soon as the engine suddenly cut off you could see something was going on because he was just gesturing and troubled faces and all that sort of stuff. He raced back here and then a woman left the cove, so they came back and there was a lot to do.

Keighly said people were trying to help drive the van back in, but it was too late, adding: there were about four people trying to force it in, but it would just not go anywhere. Jamie Lawrence from Stockton, with his wife and two young daughters, was enjoying a day at the beach when it all began.

He told the publication: We walked out of the shops and saw all the crowds and thought it was just a busy day-but then we saw this van hanging in the sea! The kids were saying, “Papa, what’s that? ‘It is a little bit of a spectacle.

Jamie said the van ended up approximately 100 ft from shore and was almost completely submerged in water. He added: A Sunday is rare! The man believed to be the vehicle’s owner declined to comment on the incident. It’s known that once the tide is out the van will be retrieved.

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