Man Collects Huge Lottery Win Dressed As Darth Vader To Protect His Identity – Video

You will be amazed to know that a winner of a lottery of $95 million went on to collect his winning cheque dressed up as a Star Wars character, Lord Baddie Darth Vader. This he did in order that he should not be recognized by anyone and he should hide his identity. The winner of the jackpot is W Brown. He bought the ticket earlier this month at the Di Endz Sports Bar in the city May Pen in the southern Jamaica.

He told the press that after securing the large amount of prize money, he will later decide about how to spend the whopping amount and where to invest it. The prize money was presented to him by Gail Abrahams, the Vice President of Marketing of the lottery group, Supreme Ventures, and was presented with the oversized obligatory cheque.

It was amazing to see that while Abrahams was wearing a face mask, Brown was wearing the outfit of the Star Wars character right from head to toe to collect the prize. The lottery group posted on the social media that may the millions be with Brown. Congrats to their winner. And that Brown had purchased the lucky winning ticket from the city of May Pen. And that another millionaire was made.

Going back on the winning purchase that he made, Brown told that it was by fluke that he bought the ticket from there, as he goes somewhere else to buy the tickets usually. He declared that usually he does not buy his ticket from the place, he usually buys his lottery tickets from Old Harbour or Spanish Town. But as he was on the road this time, he bought it from there. He also added that he bought the same set of numbers with a few replacements regularly for the past 20 years. He was inspired by the ‘rakes’ and meanings that he had come across.

He says that he came to know of his win when he was watching the live draw on the TV, and he was noting down the numbers. He was so excited on his win, he took a shower and went to sleep. He told the press that he comes from a very poor family and that he always knew that he will win one day. He knew that God will help him one day and he will be able to help his family.he wants to sit back and decide about the spending of this amount of money.

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