Man Buys Fiancée Swimsuit With His Face On It So Men Won’t Flirt With Her – Video

Pedro Cuccovillo Vitola recently shared a video of himself surprising his girlfriend, Patty, with a gift. He shared the video to his Instagram account, of which has 12,600 followers, captining it: ‘I GIVE PATTY A BIG SURPRISE.

‘Patty loves her bikinis so I thought I’d buy her a new one.’ He started his video by saying: ‘It’s well documented that Patty loves her bikinis and I hate spending money on them.

‘But this time I’ve put all that aside, I’ve found a good place in my heart and being the good fiancé that I am, I bought her the perfect bikini.‘Now I’m going to surprise her with it.’ Pedro walks into the room to find Patty on the sofa, and explains he has a gift for her.

She’s clearly confused but goes along with it anyway.

She trusts Pedro so much that she allows him to dress her in the swimming costume while she’s blindfolded. When he finally lets her take her blindfold off, Patty screams and says the swimsuit is disgusting.

But she seems to find the humour in it too, laughing and screaming as she turns around to see his mouth on the other side of her costume.

The video has so far received more than 10,000 views and lots of comments from amused Instagram users.One person called the prank ‘genius’ while another said it was ‘the best’.

Another said: ‘This is gold! You are so creative Pedro’.

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