To The Mama Preparing Her Heart For Baby 2: You Are Ready

It so happened that one night after dinner I was driving home with my two year old daughter. I felt a lump in my throat and tears began to roll down my cheeks. It was at the realization that it was our last night together for me and my daughter. It was time to have my second baby and tonight we were expecting our relatives and my husband who will be back from deployment. I had a sense of guilt that how much was going to change for my daughter. I was confused about how to manage the rush of feelings at this stage of time.

If you fast forward my life, I could see my two and a half year old daughter loving my infant in the bouncer seat. When I came back from the room, I could see my elder daughter clean the spit off the face of my baby and making the sweetest of baby-talk noises. My younger baby was locked in my daughter’s eyes and I could feel the lump in my throat again. I smiled as my mind went back a few months.

I just couldn’t imagine my two loves playing together in front of my eyes and cuddling one another with love and affection. The way these two interact with each other takes my heart away from me. I was so tense about thinking the way my daughter will react on the thought of sharing me and hert father with the new comer and the life that we had built for her.

But that’s what we would know and we had nothing to worry about our lives. The fact is that your love will multiply ten fold as you all get to know your newest little love. You might be wondering at how you will intensely love another person other than your little one whom you gave birth before. But you need not worry as it will happen very effortlessly.

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