Long Term Effects Of Nursing Baby To Sleep

Will I need to fear my baby will still need me to nurse him to sleep? Reply: Sure, he does need you to “nurse” him to sleep for as long as he’s a boy. Amazed? “Nursing” means not only b-feeding but comfort. Babies, babies, and preschoolers love to be comforted to sleep, particularly by a adult they love and believe in. Babies just cannot sleep for a complete night and they tend to get up in between and look for their mother for feed.

In the initial days it is important to understand their needs and stay with them as much as possible to offer them a safe zone. During the writing of The Baby Sleep Book we met many parents who looked back with fond memories of that precious little child, with that happy smile on his or her face, drifting peacefully off to sleep on his or her chest or mom’s or dad’s arms, even though there were nights when they wished they could simply “sleep down their kid” as some of the books claim and some moms praise.

Another thing we found from interviewing these moms is that their babies were more likely to grow up with what we term a “good sleeping attitude,” treating sleep as a fun state to enter and a courageous state to live in.

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