Life Is Short

You are intelligent and clever, if you can detect a friend out of the lot. If you can’t do the needful then we are there to help you out.

Given below are a few tips to find out whether your friend.

They will try to change your personality.

 They are full of advises or suggestions that are rubbish for you. This is one of the traits of a guy.

They do not accept you as the person you are, but try to mould you according to their convenience or need.

You seem to pick up it.

They will pick up a argue with you at the drop of a hat. They will make a big issue about it and affect your other friends too. They will blow up the issue and publicize on all fronts.

They will not give importance to the things that are important to you.

They will try to put down your effort to do some thing you planned. They are the least bothered about the happenings in your life. They don’t really give a damn about you or your life. They care only about themselves and your wish is irrelevant.

You crave for space in their company.

They are ever needy and their demands are unstoppable. They just need your total attention. They give a shit about your choices in life.

You are disrespected.

Does this need any explanation? These guys disrespect you and talk filth about you. They do not deserve your company or friendship.

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