Larenz Tate and His Wife Have Maintained Their 14-Year Marriage By Putting Friendship First

It is an art of living to maintain a relationship between you and your partner. It is the most successful art of living to keep your relationship alive for a very long time in this era of fragmentary relationships, fragmentary hearts, divorced couples.

Lost love. And the list is endless to ponder upon. This is the story of a very adorable couple who are in a married relationship for quite some time and are doing good as the years are still counting.

This is Larenz Tate and his wife who are a couple with a specialty and are happily married for the last 14 years. The specialty about this couple is that the husband comes from the black community and the wife comes from the white, and still their love for each other is incomparable in this world that is full of hatred and cruelty. The husband in the couple tells us that his wife is his queen of hearts.

There are times when there are small rifts and brawl or arguments that take place between the two but these incidents are treated as though they are salt and pepper in the curry of life. Like the curry tastes better with the correct amount of salt and pepper and the spices, the same way they treat their lives and their relationship. They state many times that they are not a married couple but they are friends for life and the same example.


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