Joycelyn Savage Is Selling Her ‘Truth’ About R. Kelly, Says He Promised To Make Her The Next Aaliyah – Video

After a nearly two-year hiatus, R. Kelly’s claimed and live-in girlfriend Joycelyn Savage has finally broken her silence about the relationship she shared with the jailed singer—despite signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Savage, whose parents have said that their daughter has been under Kelly’s control for years now, announced she would be telling her story with an Instagram post on Friday (Nov. 22). “There’s something I need to reveal, something I’ve should’ve talked about a long time ago,” she wrote in the post, along with the caption, “I’m sorry.”

On Saturday (Nov. 23), the 24-year-old aspiring singer followed up her initial Instagram post with a video promoting her partnership with a paid-content site called Patreon. The partnership allows her a platform to tell her side of the story with daily chapters. “Things I am going to reveal that was sweared not to see the day of light — by NDA,” she captioned the video paired with Lizzo’s single, “Truth Hurts.” Savage wrote, “I am risking my life for many others.

‪This story is 18+ and only for mature audience, I want to make sure my story is very detailed as I can remember. My first story ‘Where It All Started’ is out now.” According to a report by the Daily Beast, Savage revealed in her first chapter, on Patreon, that she is “a sufferer.” Per the report, Savage revealed she first met Kelly when she was 17 at one of his 2015 concerts, recapping it was a fun but left her with “very mixed emotions.”

She reportedly added that Kelly promised to jumpstart her music career allegedly stating, “Baby girl, you are going to be the next Aaliyah.” In the first chapter, she shares that she soon dropped out of college and moved into his home. That is where she claims things took a turn for the worst. “After these couple of months Robert started giving me commands, and making sure I call him by certain names. Like ‘Master’ or ‘Daddy’ which I didn’t really care for at the time,” Savage reportedly wrote.


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