Roc Nation University: Jay-z Launches School For Music, Sports And Entertainment – Video

You got to strive to set up your own business empire. So was done by Roc Nation, he established his own music entertainment company in 2008 and has successfully grown up into one of the biggest players in the industry. He has an ever evolving business blueprint. As Jay-Z became the first billionare of Hiphop, gives a chance to the students to learn fro this legend. Roc has announced his officially partnership with Long Island University to launch the Roc Nation School of Music, sports and Entertainment.

The school is based on Brooklyn, it is designed to train the upcoming graduates in the field of entertainment, music and technology. They will also be trained in entrepreneurship and sports management along with production. Professors and lecturers from different Universities will be invited as guests to impart knowledge to the students and also seminars and conferences will be organized to help them interact with each other. Also internship programs will be launched to create interest of the students.

Many musical artists have stated that the school has changed their entire life and career. The school will start admissions to the session from 2021 semester. It will also provide scholarship to a quarter of the enrolled aspirants. An investment in one’s future is to pursue higher education. This partnership is a true investment in the future of young people from Brooklyn and beyond. The school will provide unique insight, knowledge and experience to the young students and prepare them for a bright career in the field of music and associated talent.

The world will see a all new generation of entrepreneurs. In addition to the academics the school will also organize summer residential camps for the high schooll students. Saturday programs will be there for the students between the age of 10-18, that will focus on music and sports. The program will start from 2021. Requirement based scholarships will also be available to the needy and deserving students.

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