Iyanla Vanzant Speaks On Learning To Forgive Her Ex-Husband

When we take a look around us, we find many instances of separated relationships around us at random. It could be a father or a son, two friends, a boy or a girl, two cousins, and very often a husband or a wife who have strangled the relationship between them for one reason or the other.

This separated relationship between a married couple is a very common instance of separated relationship.

It is not that after the relationship is separated then the life becomes smooth for either of the husband or the wife but it has been noticed in majority of the cases.

Life turns out to be a fearful nightmare.

It is a very common thought that we will be very happy once we get rid of a particular person but no, this is not the case at least in the married couples.

They are completely heavy hearted after the separation from each other and are left in the life like a rudderless boat in a storm.


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