It’s Time I Move On From Your Bulls**t

It’s over. And finally I can move away and far, and yell on top of my voice, ‘’you’’. And I don’t give a damn about anyone or anything. I don’t need anyone to like me, to want me or suffer for anyone’s attention. I don’t care about any. The above piece is inspired by your and manipulations. Now I am in charge and you take the back seat. I have started to vent out my feelings that were collected for all these years.

We will ride long. I am ashamed of feeling sorry for myself all these years. When you are fed with a lot of , that you don’t know where to store it, you don’t ever feel sorry. I started beginning to think, how idiotic I was the whole time. It would have been difficult for me to attain this stage of freedom if I had kept someone deep inside me. I would have kept suffering in silence and coping up with it all alone. I am glad that it all happened.

I gave my , but all in vain as there was no affirmative response from you and tried in a positive manner. You just pretended to be aloof and lived your own life. You behaved in the most selfish manner and ignored me. It is too late to fix, now that I have become indifferent in my life. No going back. I am penning down this article for the sake of those who are still stuck up and entangled in relationships that are not worth giving them a second thought.

I know I am being over confident but this will help you to cut off the shackles and free yourself from a most sad and one sided relationship and become a better person. IT JUST MIGHT.

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