“It’s Called A Dress Code, Kevin“-US Marine Posts TikTok Yelling At People Who Won – Video

After he returned from his deployment a US marine was a bit upset to find his home land under a lockdown. But at the same time he was also upset to see that the majority of the population refused to wear a mask. In order to make the people aware of the benefits of wearing a mask, he made a TIKTOK video that is being appreciated and liked by the masses.

In the video Timmy Byrnes is seen mocking the people who are complaining about the mask and saying that it is hard to breathe in a squeaky voice before enacting the way he had to wear a scarf or a gas mask during his duty time. And then he says to everyone that they imagine wearing the same thing, and they would understand him. He pulls off the scarf from his mouth and says that to be able to speak or breathe with the thing on.

‘’it’s called a dress code, Kevin !’’ he yells at the camera. ‘’ The 7/11 also requires you to wear a shirt.’’ He says that he has been overseas for more than two and a half years and he finally returns home to find it in a lockdown. And the guys were bent upon making it shut down more longer. And the mask is just a piece of cloth. He ends up the video by smacking on his own phone.

 The video of Kevin, gets millions of views and likes and this particular one gets over 1.6 million views and 3.3 million views on the twitter. As the other US soldiers are feeling the frustration of Kevin, they are equally frustrated of the anti-mask crowds of the US and this includes the general public apart from the soldiers.

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