Influencer, 35, Marries Her 20-Year-Old Stepson After Divorcing His Dad – Video

Her name is Marina Balmasheva. She seprate with her husband to start a relationship with his 20 year old son and she also shared her wedding photographs. She is a 35 year old lady and she belongs to Russia in the region of Krasondar Krai where she lived with her ex-husband, whose name is Alexey and he is 45 years old and his son for a period of more than 10 years.

She found her love once again after her divorce with her husband, this time it was her 20 year old step-son, whose name is Vladimir Voya Shavyrin. The couple had already announced their marriage this year and they got married only last week. The marriage was solemnized at the registry office of the state.
She then proudly shared the photographs of her weddiung and you will be stunned to know that she had 433k followers on the instagram. She also uploaded a video of the couple signing the legal documents and later sharing a kiss.

She was very excited at sharing the photos and the video. She also captioned the video with the following message that they both drove together to the registry office and she didn’t even carry a hair brush with her. They had the rings in the car. She and the bridegroom were in a very good mood but they also felt a bit embarrassed. She added that after the formalities at the registry office , they both dressed up in their wedding attire that was typical and later enjoyed a good reception at a local restaurant with quite a number of guests.

She was glad to mention that the wedding had no affect on their relationship. Although they both admitted that they were not on talking terms with the groom’s father who is also her ex-husband. She thinks that he does not like the idea of their marriage. She admitted that she is expecting a baby and after that they plan to move to another bigger city. She had lived for 109 long years with her husband before they were divorced.

Before the divorce the couple had adopted four children out of which the youngest was with Down Syndrome. All the kids live with Alexey after he won the custody of the kids. This was reported by the local media.She happily posted a photo of her holding the pregnancy test as she cuddled Vladimir on the 7th June. She also announced that she is expecting to deliver a boy on the 11th July.

Earlier this year she caused a stir when she posted a throwback photo. This particular image was when Vladimir was only 7 years old, that means the photo was 13 years ago. And to be surprised, this photo was taken when she had married his father Alexey. She was made famous in Russia as she appeared in a documentary that focused on her weight loss journey. She once also appeared on a TV show PryamoyEfir (on air) in the month of March. In which she shared the details on the situation with Vladimir.

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