Indigenous Man Learns Granddaughter Is Graduating And Travels Thousands Of Miles To See Her – Video

The children need the support of their families when they are in school or a college. Here we are going to talk about a grandfather from Australia who is setting an example for everyone.The girl was studying in a college that was 2000km from her family. Her family lived on a remote island off the shore of Australia on the northern territory and the name is Elcho island. The reality is that the people of the mainland had accepted her and were very friendly.

The specialty of the college is to teach students from the indigenous backgrounds. It was a perfect place for Sasha to learn. She liked the college so much that later her younger sister Alicia went to the same college. She performed well in all the exams and was thrilled to inform her family of her graduation. The whole family was happy and most of all was happy Gali Yalkarriwuy Gurruweiwi, her grand father. She requested her grandfather to come and attend her graduation.

He was very happy and made travel plans with his wife Jane Garrutju, to the college.Then came the day of graduation and Gali decided to celebrate the moment in the traditional ways of his clan. He was accompanied by his wife and Sasha to perform their traditional dance called Lunggurrama. He is not good at English but his happiness was so expressive that words could have fallen short to express. He told the press that he was very proud of Sasha’s achievement and touched hios heart.

His words were translated by his wife and she said that it was a dream for him to dance with his granddaughters on this day. Although it was hard for her family to part from her and later from her sister but they understood that it was all for good. They realized the importance of education and a happy and fulfilling life for their children.

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