impressive to me that lawmakers have set up

It’s far more than other states allow — except for Tennessee which doesn’t have a limit — and was done that way to give smaller companies a chance to get a piece of what’s expected to be a very large pie.

But that doesn’t mean that if the governor signs the bill into law that smaller companies will get much of a slice of that pie, if any at all.

“It’s a situation to try to incentivize inclusivity and diversity into what they’re doing,” said Jessica Welman, an analyst with “It’s something we haven’t seen before and I really hope that some of these small operators kind of turn into a David and Goliath story that we can come back in a year and talk about how well they’re doing.”

But the odds might be stacked even greater among some of those smaller companies than they were against the biblical character.

“In most sports betting states that have launched, what we’ve seen is there’s this top-tier of Fan Duel (which has a partnership with the Washington Football Team to operate in Virginia already) and Draft Kings, there’s a second tier of Bet MGM and, where it is, Barstool Sports Book in the states it’s in,” Welman said. “Then there’s a series of smaller operators that kind of vary from state to state.”

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