The Day I Lost My Best Friend

‘’I tried to keep my cool. It was her and I saw her body being lowered into the earth. I felt the crushing pain. However, old you are but the pain of losing your mother is beyond words and feelings. The flood of despair takes over you.’’As you enter this world, your parents are the first to make contact with. It is your first relationship, friends and teachers. Either good or bad, they have a profound impact on you and your personality.

The parent child relationship is most powerful of all. And very special too. The strong bond with both or either of them makes losing them the more and more difficult. Whatever your age, losing your mother or father can be sad.When the loss of a parent is discussed, the discussion revolves around the childhood loss. Even if you are an adult, the loss of losing a parent can be sad.

The loss of a mother or father in adulthood is associated with a number of negative effects on the mental condition of the looser. The loss of any parent can be difficult, the loss of a father has a bigger impact on the son. While the loss of mother can be difficult for the daughter.You are much strongly bonded with your parents in adulthood due to the passage of time, hence it makes it the more sad.

You have had many more years of the special bond with the parents through the time. And this makes it all the more sad for you. The loss of the parents is an important symbolic event for many adults and can trigger a time of upheaval and transition as they adjust their life without their mother or father. There are 5 stages of grief in an adult and they are – denial, anger, bargaining, sad, and acceptance. These will be discussed in detail on a later day.

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