7 Phrases That Mean “I Love You” More Than Those Three Words

You may express your love in many ways and there are a lot of options if you prefer to express your love in English. I do not prefer the phrase ‘’ I love you’’. There are many other phrases in the world to do the needful. Phrases that can make a girl melt. The phrases used can tell you a lot about the guy you are dating. A few are listed below.

I am here for you.

It is important to know that the guy is there when you need him. It offers a sense of safety and security and that is necessary when you are in a relationship. It is a good sign of love when you share the good and the bad with someone.

I am so happy for you.

When your happiness becomes common then you are in love. It means thatb you have merged with the other person and are one. You feel for the other person’s feelings.

You are pretty.

All love to be complemented but it is more liked by the fairer love. And ‘pretty’ is obviously the more preferred adjective of all. Girls like being addressed or pretty or gorgeous but pretty seems to be straight from the heart. Someone can still find you pretty even if your hair are messy and you are in your worn out T-shirt.

How are you.

Being open in your relationship can work wonders in the coming days. Expression of concern for each other is a sign of deep connection. Being asked ‘’how are you?’’ at the end of a busy and tiring day is so refreshing and comfortable that it washes of all the frustration and the tiredness of the day and you are immediately feeling better and relaxed.

How can I help you?

It feels so good when there is always someone to help you. Life is easier when you do not have to go through difficult times. If you have a partner who is ready to hold your hands then you are up for keeps.

Let me know when you get there.

You feel so good when you have someone in deep concern about you. This means that the significant other is worried about your whereabouts. And is deeply concerned about your welfare and safety.

Are you hungry?

Sharing food is very important in a relationship. And you are ever ready to be invited for food. It is a very old saying that love travels through the stomach, so enjoy the love to the fullest

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