If I Am Not Going To Be Your First Choice, Don’t Bother ‘Choosing’ Me At All

You can’t survive as a second option to someone. It is the worst feeling to know that you are not the first option to someone. Or you are fitted as convenient into the choice of options.

It is the worst feeling in the world. Who would accept being the second choice. How can you live peacefully after knowing that you are the second choice. It is gut wrecking to know that you are not prioritized by the person you love. It makes you develop a complex and it hurts badly.

You think of the missing link and about your short comings. You never want to feel that way in your life. You have been treated like what you never deserved and you have been treated like a spare wheel. Once I allowed myself to be in a relationship with a man who never made me his first priority and I promised myself not to repeat it again. Real men don’t play games with you.

They never fake promises with you. They are not womanizers. And do not believe in giving less importance to women in their lives. To be a first in a man’s life is the sign of pure love. It is not about breakfast in bed or roses or hugs or kisses, but it is the feeling to be the chosen one for your man over every thing else. Have the decency of doing right in your love. Respect your feelings and the feelings of the man you love the most. Make sure that they are the first in your life.

They come before anyone else comes ion your life. It is as simple. I have gone through a lot of learning in my life. I know my worth and I know what my worth is. I deserve to be the first priority and can be someone’s first choice. I love you more than anything else in my life. I might care for you more than I care for myself. But do not treat me as an option in your life. If I am not your first choice then don’t bother to choose me at all. Just get out of my life.


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