Once You Know How To Take Care Of Yourself

Being single is not a weird or a bad thing. And everyone who is single does not necessarily crave for being in a relationship. Some of us are single for a very long time and there is nothing bad about it. I have jotted down a few good reasons if you are still single.

You do not need a partner to be happy.

Yes, you could be as happy as anyone else even if you are single. May be later you could find a partner but as for now you are very happy and content. Getting into a relationship with a partner who is not compatible with you or is a mismatch is disastrous.

You don’t need a significant partner when you have a bunch of good friends.

Many a times good friendships are much better than a relationship. You can pump in more energy, time and effort in a good friendship. The moment you are surrounded by fantastic friends you are not at a loss of committed relationship.


The word itself is self explanatory, but there is no better feeling than having a complete freedom in your life. When you come to taking decisions then you do not have to care about anyone else’s decision.

You know what you are worth.

We know that some guys are not comfortable at being alone and keep looking for an ally in every other person on the street. You got to be careful while selecting a person who seems fit to have your companionship.

You got to establish yourself first.

Loving someone can be a wonderful thing but loving yourself is the most important thing in this world. You can later think of a relationship. For the young people there is no urgency for a partner and the first priority should be to get yourself established and know who you are and then later you can start chasing your dream or passion. Chasing your dream or passion is not easy when you are deeply engrossed in a relationship as you are focused on the relationship. This could very well keep you down.

The whole bed is yours.

When you think of a good going relationship then you are inviting troubles and issues on their own. Who needs drama, arguments and difficulties in his life. Of course it is not you. It can negatively affect your brain functions.

Avoid drama.

If you come across someone who fits the slot then take a chance, or else be happy the way you are, for you have got better things to do in your life.

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