How To Reset Your Wife When She’s Falling Apart

Tender-hearted compassion, as well as a humble attitude, goes a long way toward getting along with others and helping them through the trials of life. My husband quieted me with his love and care which reminded me of my heavenly Father that promised to do the same. My Lord and my God is always near. He is a mighty Savior who takes delight in me. His love calms all my fears and sings joyful songs over me.

Often God uses people to show His love to other people. But even in the moments where no human being is around, God comforts His children in a multitude of creative ways. You come across just the right Scripture at the right time and you remember that God is Immanuel, and He is indeed with you. And that knowledge strengthens and supports you. A line in a song reminds you that the Lord is your Shepherd and will always pick you up and carry you when you feel like you can’t take another step. You are always close to God’s heart.

You realize in hindsight that even though bad things have happened, God has been with you all along and has guided you through those dark valleys with his rod and staff.

Then you thank Him for His protection. So, when your wife (or husband or friend or neighbor or even a stranger) needs a reboot, offer them these three things:

  • Your shoulder to support them when they can’t go any further.
  • Your arms to show your compassion and care in the form of a hug.
  • Your ears to listen to their worries, complaints, and fears.


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