How I Changed From A T-oxic Mom-Manager To An Encouraging Soul Builder

There was a time in my life when I barked orders more frequently than I spoke love words … when I responded to minor daily inconveniences as if they were big catastrophes when common human behaviours and quirks increased my BP to alarming rates. I took it upon myself not to nurture my family members but to control my family members until there was no space to bend or breathe.

My creative, busybody, dream-chasing old daughter’s urge to start ventures, try new recipes, and leave trails on a regular basis everywhere she went in attracting disapproving looks. The people I was meant to love unconditionally held characteristics that frustrated, disturbed, and my carefully planned agenda constantly derailed. Before we drove off, the urge of my younger daughter to buckle in stuffed toys, to accessorize every part of her before heading out the door, and to drive at a speed of a snail attracted exasperated breaths and irritated frowns.

How Do I Know All This?

Since I could hardly even support myself. I woke up frustrated and furious, and braced myself for another day of unmanageable management. Forget the life. Forget the smiles. Forget to count the blessings. That was not the Grumpy Boss doing. And everyone in the home began following suit. Hair brushing has become a controversial issue. My older daughter obediently allowed me to brush in a hurry each morning as I pretended not to see her wincing. After all, we were on a sprint. I despised being tardy.

When it was the turn of my younger daughter she would always inquire if she should now brush her own hair. My then four-year – old child hasn’t asked on this particular morning if she should brush her own hair. I felt relaxed. I was able to pull this hair into a ponytail, prompt her to quickly put on her shoes and be out of the door in less than two minutes, I estimated. When I gathered Avery’s unruly hair into my hand, I decided to take a peek at my reflection. My brows are closely knitted together. I looked helpless, haggard and sad.

In me the boss found she hadn’t rubbed her hair back. Avery’s hair looked surprised, as though I offered a hairy tarantula to her. Thank you, mummy! I just wanted to do that,she said, proudly looking at her reflection. Throughout my experiences with my loved ones I vowed to search for more new hairbrush options to minimize control and improve nurturing.

Why should you go about it? I’ve always wondered when the control freak part of me began to get irritated. As I watched the people do things their way in my lifein their own time  with their own flair, I saw sparks of joy that I had not seen before. And as with Avery and the hairbrush, I learned that each person had unique words of Soul-Building.

I compiled a strong list of words over time that made me love my people in ways that made them succeed. Those words nourish the deepest parts of their human hearts like sunlight and water to a plant, and promote development in all areas of their lives. Thus I called them Words of Soul-Building.

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