His Security Cam Showed A Kid ‘Tearing It Up’ In His Driveway Each Night. So He Took Adorable Action – Video

Most of us had one of those neighbours growing up — the one who gave us the stinky eye if we looked at their neatly mowed lawn and shooted us away even though our shadows were creeping into their flower beds.

There’s a reason why “Get out my lawn!” was a meme before even memes were a thing. Then shaking neighbours. Those who smile and wave through the window and share their fresh-boiled cookies with kids from the neighborhood.

People who really love the lively energy that kids bring to the block and support the notion of “it’s taking a village.” When one of the guys behind the website of Canyon Chasers, a motorcycle enthusiast, posted a video of how he treated a kid who kept playing when he was not home on his driveway, it was not clear at first what kind of neighbor he was going to be.

But then he describes how his safety video shows a preschooler riding his bike every evening along his flat concrete driveway, and how he wanted to do something about it.

And what followed was the best move against Get-Off-My-Lawn that ended up attracting more neighbors than he anticipated.

How amusing would that be when you were a kid? And how cool that each time it rained, he ‘d made a new one? And how wonderful is it to have people of all ages willing to enjoy it? Imagine a world in which all the neighbors with their time and property have been this compassionate and generous.


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