Hero Passerby Saves Family From B-urning Home, Then Rescues Their Dogs, Too

Often you find yourself at the right place at the right time, but you need to recognize the moment and make the best out of it. Same thing happened with Hunter Spangler.

He says that anybody would have the potential of what he did and that it was not exceptional. It so happened that Hunter was ion the Temple in Texas. He worked as a salesman in an energy company on the fateful day of Aug 6.

That was the time that he noticed a lot of smoke coming from a house a couple of blocks away.

The flames were spreading fast and furious. He did not loose any time and sprinted towards the house to alert the residents as the flames were spreading very fast. He sprinted the whole way and threw open the door.

He then helped Gregory to get out his family to safe point and then returned to the house to rescue the dogs of the family. A lot of destroy was caused to the house and to the two new carts of the family parked in the garage. The loss was very great but they were thankful that they were still alive and safe.

Hunter says that he never took that route to work and he happened to look in the direction of the house as he was going somewhere else. Now they are friends and Hunter talks to them everyday and they are like family. He thinks that how strange it is to go through something that to become friends and family. The family is still waiting for the reason of the flames breaking out and meanwhile Hunter has set up GoFundMe campaign to help the family who had moved into the house only a month ago and were getting back to their feet.


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