Here Is How A Girl Who Really Loves You Will Treat You

There will be plenty of girls there in your life. One is going to stand out and only one is going to be different. There’s just one girl going to be special and different. Some will see you as nothing more than a mate, some will fall in love with you and some will love you. But that one girl who will make you feel different and will make you forget everything else will enter your life and will stay with your forever. I won’t tell you that you’re going to feel like you’ve known her all your life, and I’m not going to tell you that you’re going to feel like she’s your soulmate.

At the beginning, it’s possible for this girl to be the same as anyone else to you and at first, you may not see something different about her. Yet even if this happens, you will finally see the worth of this child, and you will see her singularity. No, regardless of her looks or her brains you cannot see that she is different from others. Through the way she treats you, you’ll see how amazing this girl is and you’ll see that in the way she loves you. That doesn’t mean she ‘s going to be submissive to you and it certainly doesn’t mean she ‘s going to nod her head to whatever you have to tell.

This doesn’t mean that she will be blindly endorsing any decision you make and that she will pursue you through life as though she doesn’t have her own mind. That doesn’t mean this girl is going to put up with you cheating on her and disrespecting her, because she is certainly not going to. That doesn’t mean this girl will think you ‘re fine, so she won’t see your faults. And this is precisely what separates her from anyone else.

And she will see your imperfections, and will love you not because of your flaws, but because of them. She’s going to be special, and she’s going to see the real you and enjoy the real you. And no — this girl’s never going to try to change you because she will always value you. She will inspire you not for her but for yourself to become a better man. You ‘re going to want to be deserving of her love and appreciation, because that’s how you ‘re going to change everything you’re expected to do on your own without being compelled by her to do something.

Yet she’s going to do it just face to face. She will protect you, without any doubt, against everyone and everything. And she must ensure that everyone knows how proud she is of having you. She’ll only want to know that she’s valuable to you, that you’re not going to betray her confidence, that you’re not going to disappoint her, and that you’re not to ruin all you two built up.

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