To The Girl Who Has Been Too Strong For Too Long

You ‘re one of a kind. And it will make this world feel lucky to have someone like you. You ‘re the rock that anyone can count on or rely on, but more importantly, you can always count on yourself.

The little secret is that you have been through the worst and there you are still. Everywhere you are there. You’ve had so many brave moments. And that was your only lifelong choice. You stood up to all that frightened you, and confronted it.

But now, you ‘re afraid. Since you’re not keen on living single. If you don’t want to be for ever your own block. You need someone else to be what you are to others. Not because they’re an important thing for your life, but because going through life with someone who knows you will be much smoother and far nicer. Nobody actually ever told you this, but you should weep. It does not mean that you are weak and it is not a symbol of your weakness, it is evidence that you have been strong for too long.

You got everyone back.

Whoever came knocking at your door, he will find comfort inside you. You’ve always found a way to fulfill their needs and to be there for them, no matter how many people you wanted. You are the best friend of all the best friends and they knew that they were able to rely on you. You are your family ‘s strongest girl, and you’re not the comfort girl, but the one people come when they need a strong person. Yet they weren’t there, when you needed men.

And they’re not sure when you need them. Like you, little signals can’t be seen and the thing about powerful people is they never get asked if they’re OK. They ‘re never given any sort of support because they’ve proved to us one too many times that they’re powerful enough to do it alone. You don’t hunt for a Knight. You ‘re not going to rescue someone. You are not waiting for someone to fix your problems and since you know better, you do not expect anything from anyone.

You try out your own sword. You ‘re trying to find the strength.

You ‘re just trying to grow to be able to look after yourself and you don’t even have the slightest understanding of how people respect you. The truth is life has never gone easy on you. You weren’t the one to quickly get something. You never got anything. You just had to prove your worth, because this was the only way you could get the things you wanted.

But you always carry on. You’ve always managed to drive it hard and score a homerun every time life throws a curveball at you. And you get tired. You get tired of being always solid. You get tired of people always wanting something from you and you get tired of people continually always taking stuff out of you — your attention, money, and everything else they need. So, you consider in yourself the worth you ‘re looking for. Even if finding a man who can fulfill your needs would be cool, only you’re good enough. You are more than strong enough, and deserving of yourself.

You ‘re one of those girls who haven’t been born half but whole and when you’re seen alone no one dares to say, “Where’s your other half? ”. When you fall down to the point that you can’t go back, when any other person gives up on life and everything else … you stand firm and make everyone wonder how you’re always smiling.


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