Girl Celebrates Her 8th Birthday By Having A Mermaid Photoshoot With Her Dad, And Their Smiles Say It All – Video

Often it has been noticed that for the kids and especially the girls, their father is a superman who can do anything in this world. Many a times the dad is much dearer than the teddy bear or the new fancy doll house in the home. Nothing comes near to them when compared to the love and affection that they share with their dad. And every dad in this world is well aware of this universal fact. This dad celebrated his daughter’s eighth birthday on the 10th of July. This event was celebrated by the father by having a mermaid photoshoot with his daughter.

They both enjoyed the moment by splashing their fins in the river and had fun. The photographer who did the wonderful photoshoot is Desirae Deal and he did the job in a very excellent manner by capturing the most loveable and adorable moments between the dad and the daughter. Thje smiles on the faces of the duo are self explanatory about the fun that both of them were having in the water. They also went for a small swim in the river.

After the pics were shared by Desirae on the social media, they received a whopping 21K reactions and 132 shares within a couple of days. It was hard for anyone to ignore a man who thought that the most important thing in the world is to please his daughter at any cost. There are many stories about mermaids and at this point it is hard to imagine to reboot a story out of the tales of the bygone era. But we are sure that this father-daughter mermaid story will be appreciated by one and all who go through this story.

In this busy world with life going down the fast lane it is so nice tio see a father pinch out some time to celebrate his daughter’s birthday in a manner that she loves and spends time with his daughter on her 8th birthday. It is also very encouraging to note the number of people who have liked and adored this photoshoot and admired the father-daughter bond to the fullest. The photographer is a professional photographer in Lamar, Akansas, area and is married to her best friend.

She is a mother to 4 amazing kids of her own. She began her journey as a professional photographer after her first son lost life at the age of three months. She was sad and was left with cute images of him. Resulting she started photographing her left 3 children and was obsessed with the hobby.

She completed her study of graphic design in Akansas Tech University and developed the skills by further editing her skills as an editor. The photographer specializes in children photography and fine art photography. Her style is fun and vibrant and she says that the real magic is the memories. She strives to capture more than an image. Her aim is to provide wonderful memories for a lifetime to the family.

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