Your Family Does Not Define You

Growing up is a natural process. I lived with my parents and siblings in a suburb. My parents were limited to their jobs. We hardly had any emotional contact due to their busy schedule. My mother did the cleaning of the house, tagged by me through out the house. As a six year old would do I spinned in the chair and pretended to talk on the phone. As I was young, I had two lessons from my life as a young kid.

My parents worked very hard to take care of me and my siblings.
Work was stressful.
My father was a very hard working man and occasionally he would say ‘’ I love you’’ to me. I was not good at school neither in academics or sports and never earned a word of praise from my father. In fact he made me and my siblings feel as though we were liabilities of his life.

Slowly his concern towards me turned into bribery and manipulations to keep me on his side. I was a lonely child, without any friends. And many times I held myself responsible for our miserable life. I was surrounded by a thick fog of likewise thoughts. All these things impacted my performance at school. Even as a young adult, I was not allowed to hang out with my friends after a certain time, because my father demanded the whereabouts about me all the time.

It appeared as his strict parenting was a verbal. I became rebellious and thought only of my life. I was done with remaining silent in front of him. It was not simple. I had to maintain a close relationship with my family who created a trauma and difficulty for me. I am still in the process. I realized that I was creating a same scenario for my future children.

I promised to put an end to the verbal and it for generations. I knew that my father will never apologize for this. But it will forever be my curiosity to know the reason behind his behavior. And I accept the fact that I cannot reverse the time and alter the things. These thoughts have helped me to move on in my life and heal as much as I can. I now have discovered the importance of healthy relations and the joy of having them in one’s life.

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