The Thought of Falling In Love Again Is Scary As H-ell

It’s like going back to the roots, into darkness, where all reminds you of the pain and misery you’ve experienced.It is like a grand quest to fall in love again and I don’t like it. I am scared. I ‘m afraid it will all repeat itself and I’m not ready for that. I know I’m exaggerating, I know that most of the time my fear doesn’t make sense but when I know what I’ve experienced, I can’t go against myself.

I know my heart is guarded, and the walls are too high and too strong for anyone to crack, ever again. My heart learned a lesson from it. And I did. Love sounds so gorgeous and magical. Being in love is like knowing that you can wear your heart on your sleeve and have no fear of anything, because you’re brave enough.He’s been there, done it.Loving today just sounds and it’s all about you.

Every time you told me you loved me, the way your eyes sparkled and the way you laughed when I was crying, those two things didn’t go well together because I never knew what to think of you, what to think of us. At times, I thought love would hurt, that it required a lot of care and attention. I thought I needed to prove myself to you, in order for you to love me. When it began to hurt me physically, I saw something was wrong.

I have seen that ‘love’ never felt right, no matter what I did. ‘Love’ hurted me and my heart was destroyed by ‘love.’ I loved so carelessly and so truly. I loved you without seeing how bad you were for me and I am afraid to love you again because of you. I am afraid I will fall in love, so that a man who tries so hard and gives me all his affection will not have a chance to enter my heart. I feel disappointed to expect so much and never get what I deserve.

For the hundredth time, I’m exhausted from my fear of being let down just because I loved ‘too much.’ My chest is heavy but it’s still sticking around, making it feel a bit lighter. It’s like knowing that there’s a solution for all of your issues, but you’re unable to take it, because this whole time you’ve mistaken poison for a remedy and really don’t trust your heart anymore.

And I’m here now, staring at the girl in the mirror who’s so afraid of love, asking her if there is something I can do for her to make her feel better, to make her feel less hurt. But she looks at me blankly because she is drained of her strength. But she’ll be OK. I’m going to be Okay. I’m going to learn to live with my disappointments, because that’s sometimes the way you learn your worth. I’m going to be fine but I need recovery time; that’s key. I can not repair myself overnight and I don’t even try.

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