Eight Warning Signs: You’re Mentally And Emotionally Exhausted – Video

Life is an endless rollercoaster that offers you the lowest lows and the highest highs. However, if the lows outweigh the highs, you may feel emotionally and mentally drained.f you feel like your emotional and mental strength is depleted, then the effects can manifest spiritually and physically.

You may feel emotionally and mentally drained, unless you find ways to prevent your strength from being sucked out of you.

Here are eight signs you’re emotionally and mentally Exhausted:

– You experience fatigue

There is a great difference between regular tiredness and fatigue. You may be tired after a couple of days’ worth of running after toddlers or partying. That type of exhaustion may be reduced with 8 hours of restorative sleep. On the other hand, when you experience fatigue, it does not matter even if you consume 5 coffees within a couple of hours or sleep 10 hours every night: you’ll still experience fatigue.

Also, it may be almost impossible for you to do even the simplest tasks.

– You cry for no reason

In case you are at the point where cracking a glass is just enough to bring you to a bout of anger, it may have a negative impact on your emotional and mental health.

If you are mentally or emotionally drained, your ability to control your emotions like usual is actually shaved down to pretty much nothing. That’s why even the smallest thing may make you cry.

– You are easily irritated

If you are emotionally and mentally drained, you can experience bouts of anger or constant irritability. Small things that you would normally block out, such as the fact that your mom insists on closing the window or the sound of your brother’s chewing, can result in intense bouts of anger and irritability. You are hypersensitive to the smallest irritation, rather than trying to deal with the source of what’s making you feel that way.

– You experience physical symptoms

Emotional exhaustion may manifest physically, particularly in case you are the kind of person that clenches your muscles subconsciously or carries stress in your belly. In case you’re walking on eggshells to make sure you do not upset your emotionally unstable romantic partner or your megalomaniacal boss, you might suffer from intestinal problems (vomiting and gastro distress,) headaches, TMJ due to grinding your teeth, or shoulder pain due to hunching your shoulders.

– You have sleep problems

Insomnia is a dreadful way that emotional and mental depletion may manifest. You’re extremely tired and you just want to sleep, but you cannot, since you cannot shut your thoughts down. As you begin to drift off, your thoughts may intrude as well as knock you back into wakefulness, thus preventing you from getting restorative sleep.

– Your motivation levels are lower than usual

You feel like you not able to get the work done. You have difficulty finding the motivation you need. You simply want to go to bed so you can get some sleep as well as hide away from either the realization that you do not feel anything or the overwhelming emotions you are trying to control.

– You feel detached

You cannot bring yourself to feel much of anything, bad or good. In other words, you cannot feel the emotions you would normally feel when you experience a subject or situation. Anhedonia is a kind of emotional detachment that can prevent you from feeling pleasure or joy. It’s also an indicator that you’re greatly depleted.

– You feel hopeless

It is not good to reach this point, since once you feel hopeless, you may either think about taking measures to fix it or remaining in the state of depletion forever. In case you are at that point, you should get help, because you might not be capable of finding your way back on your own. In case you have most of the above-mentioned symptoms, you should try to find ways to fix what’s contributing to your mental and emotional exhaustion.

It is important to understand that burnout cannot go away on its own. So, you should identify the culprit, and find ways to stop it. You may also want to seek professional help to help you do so. Eventually, you owe it to yourself, to your own well-being, to find ways to replenish the source of your energy and strength as well as honor the sacred being that you are with the right care and love. You must care for and love yourself first to be able to care for and love other people.

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