No, You Don’t Always Need To Forgive

‘’Why do we need a closure’’. It is due to the details of the painful experiences that come from the reason of a broken relationship, not clear of the fault or the mistakes that took shape from either of the partners. It also was happened due to the reason that none of the partners could pick up the pieces and arrange them, despite seeing a glimmer of hope in it.

We are often told to forgive if the pain caused from the circumstances is beyond our control, either romantic or not. To forgive is to give up resentment against an offender or claim to requital for forgive an insult. It depends on our self image, responsibility, character, and morality. When you are told to forgive, you are told to act in a certain way, as if, in doing so you absolve the offender in your life and also ourselves.

Forgiving holds the promise of setting us free from our past, and from whatever memories that ail us. It is when we find ourselves in deep trenches against or the only possible action is to forgive and pave a path. If we do not forgive whole heartedly then we are marred with guilt and shame. We think about the consequences of not forgiving and burry ourselves deep in a state of despair.

There are situations where forgiveness is a complex psychological reaction. This may involve both, situational and individual factors. On exploring forgiveness and vengefulness and other low factors it was found that agreeableness and high neuroticism were found to be associated with vengefulness. It was also associated to be less forgiving, greater rumination about the offence,. Higher negativity, and lower life satisfaction. Some people seem to be more capable of forgiveness based on their own personality.

Forgiveness is an emotional and psychological phenomenon that is likely to carry evolutionary weight, allowing us to function in a society built on trust. Forgiveness is healthy, needed, and recommended. Although there is more power in not forgiving but learning from encounters of malevolence, growing, and moving on in life.

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