Donna McDermott Just Became The First Black Woman Mayor In The State of Tennessee

Another historic first. Donna McDermott created history when she became the first Black woman mayor of Charleston, Tennessee ever in the history of the state. She will replace the late mayor, who lost life last month after serving for 28 years as the mayor of the state. She was voted to the post by the Charleston Commissioner, France McCarteny, who will serve as her deputy to the municipality of 700 residents.

She has promised to do her best for the people of Charleston and be humble and fare. She will be available to the people at all the times in the hour of need. She held the seat of vice mayor for 20 years and she was confident of handling the new challenge that was bestowed upon her. She will work hard for the upbringing of the community and was encouraged to perform better. The superintendent of the new public works stated that it was a positive move for the community.

For this small town it is a progressive move as the people around here are happy about the change. She hopes to motivate others in the office and move towards the upbringing of the town. Her hopes and wishes are focused on the uplift of the women of color and lift them above the present status. She dreams of creating a better community and as very active community.

She dreams of working as a team and do every possible thing for the betterment of the town. She will focus on the infrastructure for the benefit of children and the elders of the town. She will also improve upon the health services provided to the residents in the town. Her main focus will be on providing good education to the young boys and girls and give them a good academic atmosphere. She will continue the good work that was initiated by the previous mayors of the town.

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