Dad Divides The Internet With ‘Disgusting’ Punishment for Misbehaving Child – Video

kids are the most loveable and adorable things in this world. But here is a story of a dad who seems to have taken things quiet far. Let us see his disgusting ways of punishing kids. The love between you and your kids is incomparable to any other thing in this world. It’s all magic. The hardest part on the earth is to be a parent. And to do your best part is the greatest stress on earth.

Some facts about being a parent are really frustrating. And who says that being a mom is the loveliest thing on earth. It can be greatly irritating. There is one thing that every mom will agree to, there is nothing in the world than losing a battle to your kids. There is no such thing as a perfect child. They can make your life as difficult as possible. It’s all about resilience. And it is a game of persistence.

You can discipline your child in a number of ways. Though considered unnecessary but some methods are very useful. We found that one dad in particular has gone viral for his methods to discipline his kids. A video was shared on the social media. And it showed the father disciplining his son. That is not unusual but the way he did was strange. Some have spoken in favor of his action but many are against it. There are some who believe that the action was correct while some people think it in the negative.

Many think that kids are kids and they will learn as they grow and this kind of pummel is very degrading. They thought that it was on the whole very disgusting. Agreed that children are often fed to an occasional spanking, and that’s how we treat our children. But a spanking that hard in the public is very hard on the kids. Such kids are believed to be disrespectful of their parents and lack discipline.

The way he handles the kids is very demeaning and disgusting. This is not the right way to handle your kids. There is a much sober and mature way to discipline your kids. This action of the dad on the video has badly reflected on the viewers and they have commented in a very bad manner.

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