Photos of Mom’s Ex-Husband And Current Fiancé Posing With Daughter Teach Lesson In Co-Parenting – Video

It’s a fairly common family dynamic. A little girl, her separation parents and her mom’s fiance. Less common is the love the four people — and in particular the three adults in the situation — have for one another.

In a social media post that’s been shared 130,000 times, a little girl named Willow Mengon is headed to a daddy-daughter dance. She’s pictured with her dad, David Mengon, and her mom’s fiancee, Dylan Lenox.

Mom Sarah Mengon is behind the camera snapping the now-viral photos.(MORE: These are the hashtags putting your child at risk on social media, experts say)(MORE: This 3-year-old’s reaction to his birthday cake is how we all feel inside)”Dylan and I are always just goofy around her to make her laugh and smile during photos so it just happened to look like we framed her,” David Mengon told “Good Morning America.”The relationship between the three adults wasn’t always as positive as it is today.

”We have molded ourselves into one unique family, if only for the sake of our children to know the power of love. “It was challenging, nothing was easy, but we knew if we wanted to make things work we needed to swallow any feelings we had for one another and put Willow first,” David Mengon said.


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