Couple Reject Baby After Surrogacy Mixup; Put Child Up For Adoption

a very sad story. People looking for children are moving towards surrogacy. Surrogacy has become a trend that has attracted young couples and women who are not able to conceive through natural process. Surrogacy is a very safe and healthy alternative but only till everything goes fine and there is no mixup that can’t be fixed. A young couple has raised questions on surrogacy when they posted their story on the social media.

It all started when the man saw the baby and refused to agree that the baby was his. He told the surrogate mother that he did not father the child and he will not accept it. According to the post the couple opted for surrogacy after multiple miscarriages to the lady. They shelled out a lot of money to get a mother for surrogacy through an agency. The post further sdays that the lady was very good and a health conscious lady who got along very well. The surrogacy had gone very well and the couple were excited.

As soon as the man saw the baby he knew that something had gone wrong as the baby had Asian features like dark hair, brown eyes and Asian features. It was very alarming as he and his wife were blue eyed and blonde haired. They demanded a DNA test after which the man said that he knew he was right and he is not the father. The couple complained to the surrogacy agency only to be told that there was a mixup. It is a very rare incident but this error had happened.

What a mess!!!! It is not that they cared about the race, but the child was not theirs and they were shattered. The surrogate was also upset, but could not keep the child as she was already a mother of five. The reason for his posting on the social network was to inquire if he was wrong in any way for not accepting the child and was it wrong on his part to take legal action.

The couple is making up their mind to put up the baby for adoption and weighing their odds for a case. A very sad story and let us hope that the baby gets adopted by a loving and affectionate couple. We hope the surrogacy agency tightens up its administration and avoids such goof ups in the future.

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