Couple Got Married In The First Traditional Viking Wedding For Almost 1000 Years – Video

Different people have different perception about their dream wedding. Some think about flowers, magic and forests. Some are content with their backyard as long as they are in the company of their loved ones.

But the couple of our discussion have got another thoughts. They are passionate about the Viking culture. So they chose to have a Viking wedding. It includes sacrifices.

We have got a collection of photos to tell you the story.

Elisabeth 27 and Rune 36 have decided to tie the knot the Viking way next to the Norwegian Lake. The wedding is definitely a very flashy wedding but not a red wedding anyway. There are flowing capes and by the side of the lake with boats that are overlooking the mountains.

The two Viking ships and a lot of music. She has now mothered a son who is 8 months old and she stays at home to tend to him. She remembers the day of her wedding and the way she danced her way to the pyre. They danced to the live ancient music like their ancestors danced about a millennium away.

She was exposed to the lifestyle of the Vikings by Rune whom she met three years ago. Rune told her about the beauty and wonders of the Viking traditions when once they met in a bar, Rune was a pagan himself. She atonce fell in love with the culture.

They both are a part of 6000 strong group of Viking revivalists. They have marked the first Viking marriage in the last 1000 years. They also hired a gothi priest for the wedding and all present were in the Viking getup. Rune had proposed to her in 2017 during a Viking festival. She readily gave her consent and they both got married the Viking way.


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