How To Correct A Child’s ‘Bad’ Behavior With Positive Parenting

When my son was four, he was very sweet and active. If left alone for a moment, there would be a mischief and something was sure to happen. His most of the day went playing with his toys in the garden or working on a project. On other days he would keep breaking the rules of the house. You must have experienced or still experiencing of having a mischievous son at home. Once I happened to find him in the bathroom with opened containers of shampoo and soap all around.

Whole of the floor was covered with foam and lather and in the middle he sat smiling at me. Inanother instance he opened the magic markers and held them under the running water to make colorful fountain. We tried to pump sense into him. Connection before correction. As we discussed the alternatives or solutions to see what my son was doing. We gave him company while he did his stunts. We hugged him and chatted with him. Then he was given a chance to correct his mistakes and correct his actions and think what was he doing.

Sometimes we could see the consequences of our efforts that were directly related to the pranks and deeds of the prankster. Like making him mend up the things that he had broken or destroyed. This was by giving him the opportunity to amend his mistakes. The more we gave him the opportunity to make mistakes the more he was prone to asking permissions for doing or taking a thing that did not belong to him. Now he started informing us about the mistakes he made and asked for help.

The young ones are often curious and are tending to break the boundaries. Connecting with your child is the best way of correcting him for a better behavior. We cannot influence a child in a better way without connecting with them. Before making him to correct his behavior it is better to understand him and then slow down a bit. Create a deliberate moment to connect a moment when you can confidently create safety and understanding for your child.

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