Colin Kaepernick Celebrated His 32nd Birthday By Helping Out The Homeless

We all know about NFL player Colin Kaepernick. This time he celebrated his 32nd birthday by distributing gifts and supplies to the needful and downtrodden communities in California. Honestly we did not expect someone single handedly demand for justice for the organizations in the country.

He has made up his mind and has dedicated his life to the uplift of the black community at least in his country.

The player visited the local homeless encampment and distributed essentials to the needful and promised himself to do everything possible to help the dwellers. He is going to collaborate with the Know Your Rights Camp, a foundation that he had established to for the rights of the Black and brown communities in the United States.

He and his foundation handed out bags full of essentials and resources like clothes, masks, snacks, soaps and sanitizers in addition to the other supplies to the residents of the encampment.

He also made provisions for the taco truck to stop at the encampment to offer hot meals to the community. If you remember what LeBron had done a little time ago for the benefit of the community, the same is being repeated by this soccer star.

Upon following this act of kindness by the organization, Know Your Rights Camp, they posted photos of the football star handing over the back packs to the people of the community. They stated that this is how Kaepernick bought in his birthday, happy birthday Kaepernick and may God bless you. The organization also made up their mind to launch a free education program for the children of the community and give them free of cost education.

This will help towards the cause of uplifting the community. They will also try to give some skill training to the adults of the community so that they can start earning a decent living and improve their lifestyle. There is also going bto be a provision to open a healthcare center for the residents of the encampment and provide free healthcare facilities to the community.


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