Disturbing Clip Shows Man Licking Toiletries In Supermarket

A man in Missouri filmed himself at an unnamed supermarket licking a row of toiletries while saying, “Who’s scared of virus – don’t touch your mouth?” Too Fab reported the incident earlier today after the video clip went viral on Twitter.

It has currently been viewed over 4 million times. The video begins with the man talking to the camera and then he bends down, sticks out his tongue, and runs it along a shelf of what looks like deodorant and various other items in the toiletry aisle.

One thing concerning many people is whether he limited himself to this one aisle or if he continued licking other items around the store after he finished filming.

The moment recalls the other infamous incident from last year when people started a challenge to open ice cream containers in stores and lick the surface before replacing it in the store freezers. However, it is even worse in this case since the world is currently amid the pandemic.

He captioned his video, “I’m a nasty… [sic].” It appears he originally shared it on his Instagram story or Snapchat before someone posted it on Twitter.

One person shared the video on their Twitter account and wrote, “let the doxxing begin.” Social media users are outraged by this man’s actions.

Luckily, the article reports that the Warrenton Department has identified the man in question and taken him into custody. It sounds like the video going viral helped to find him, as the article indicates that the cops had received “tipoffs from around the world.” Officials claimed they had heard reports from the U.K., Netherlands, and Ireland.

“We take these complaints very seriously and would like to thank all of those who reported the video so the issue could be addressed,” said a statement from the officers.

Piers Morgan slammed the man while on ITV this morning reports The Daily Mail. Morgan went so far as to say the man should be denied medical treatment if he contracts the virus and be put in lockup.

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