Chris Evans Sends A Real Captain America Shield To 6-Year-Old Who Saved His Sister From Dog B-ite – Video

It was on the 9th July that 9 year old Bridger came out in a big way. He suddenly realized that his younger sister is just going. So out of the blues he leapt in front of her. This ended up in Bridger getting bit at many places on his face. But at the same time he got hold of his sister’s hand and was able to run away with her to a safe place.

He spent quite some time in the hospital where he was given about 90 stitches on his face. This feat of selflessness on the part of Bridger has attracted the attention of quite a few super heroes. One of them is Chris Evans, who happened to play the role of Captain America in the Avengers Movies. Chris was so much moved by the feat of Bridger that he decided to gift the boy with something special. And he thought of gifting the boy with the real time Captain America shield.

He also sent him a video message. The message said that, he is a hero, and what he did was so brave and selfless. His sister is so lucky to have him as her brother and that his parents must be very proud of him. He told Bridger that he is sending him an authentic Captain America shield as he deserved it. He also added that he should keep being the man that he is and they need a man like him to be present over there, it will take some time to recover.

And by seeing what he did he thought that that shouldn’t bother him much. Bridger’s aunt Nikki keeps all updated with the progress that he is making. She says that she had just visited him at his home and that his wounds are looking much better. He is in great spirits and that his awesome personality is intact. It is painful to smile but he grins at the comments of the people that she reads to him.

She also added that the family is not angry with the owners of the dog. People have been requesting her for fresh updates on Bridger’s condition. She has already posted three updates but the viewers want more. Once again the kindness of the people has meant more for them. She is trying to get as many messages as possible to Bridger. She also sent the address of Bridger, in case they want to send him some rocks and gifts.

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