Cheating Is A Choice, Not A Mistake

Those of you who have been reveal by someone you loved with all your heart in one way or the other, you understand the agony of being torn into pieces and not being able to breathe properly because your life unexpectedly falls apart. You understand how someone who has been your priority from the beginning seems like a second choice. But there is one thing that you really need to understand: You chose them, so they decided to cheat on you.

You don’t dare to think or let them tell you that cheating on you was just a mistake, and they now know they shouldn’t have done it. It’s a choice made by greed — not appreciating what you have but not being willing to let go of the individual. You have decided to commit this sin, because it makes you happy. The one and only reason you have done it is that it has given you self-satisfaction. Cheating is an act of intentionally sacrificing another human being to fulfill your egotistical needs.

Cheating isn’t simply something you do, because you can’t control yourself. Every action you take is accepted by your brain, which means that you have decided to make another human being feel bad by enjoying your happiness moment.Still, has it been so difficult to confess to them that you are not happy with how things are? Was it so difficult to tell them how you feel and fix or leave the problem, and spare them the pain? I bet they weren’t. Then why weren’t you doing it? You didn’t do it, but you wanted something new to try.

You got troubled by what you’ve seen. You became bored with their affection, and to fulfill your hunger, you decided to taste another. Cheating is a decision motivated by the need for a shift you can’t make yourself. You wanted to do something in secret when you decided to cheat; to hide your shameful act from your loved one, because you knew what you were doing was wrong. You wanted something different, but what you already have you didn’t want to lose, and that’s what makes you an prick.

You make decisions when you really love someone that will protect them, make them happy and make them feel special. You make decisions when you truly love someone that will strengthen your relationship – not ruin it. Still, you have made a decision to mess things up and ruin them, so you don’t dare to tell someone you’re sorry because you’re not. You chose intentionally, knowingly and actively to finish all that you had only because you were unable to love your wife like a real man would.

You intentionally extinguished their hope only because there was none you had. You purposefully crushed their heart just because they didn’t have one. And on top of that, you ‘re probably asking them to forgive you now because you’re making a mistake. I’m sorry to inform you that love doesn’t accept errors. Either you are committed, or you are not. Either you are here, or you are not. Here there is no grey area.

In a partnership all you do is a matter of your own choosing. You make them feel especially special because you love them. You protect them, because they are very important to you. You ‘re persecute them, and you’re not giving them a on how they feel. It is just as plain as this. Otherwise you may have decided, but you did not, so you did not feel the responsibility of your own choices.

You wanted to waste huge quantities of time just for a second to enjoy. You did so, and you didn’t owe them a chance. You gave no about people who love you and gave their lives for you. You hurt them because your only goals were your own hopes and expectations, and you need to know that these people are not fools who would believe that it was only a mistake. You see, with all their hearts they may have loved you and maybe they still do, but the moment you chose to hurt them, they never wanted to forgive you either.

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