CEO Dad Goes Viral: ‘Don’t Let Your Bad Day Become Your Family’s Bad Night’

If ever your work stress starts affecting your family life then read this article, it has the advise of the CEO dad Casey Graham. It so happened that the leader of a customer retention and recovery service, was taking along with him, all the tensions home from his office. It started taking its toll on his family of two kids and he expected his family to cope and deal with it. But later he changed at the thought of his children growing up into tense adults.

He asked himself a few questions.

  • Did he want his son to grow up into an emotional and unstable adult like his father?
  • Does his daughter deserve a similar type of husband like her father?
  • Does his wife has to share the same tensions of making a bad deal at his office?

After realizing the impact of his actions on his family he had a stomach ache. Since then Casey has changed his ways of living and fortunately his tips are so simple that all working parents could use them.

  • Listen to some melodious music on your way to home.
  • Sit inside the car and remind yourself that you are not in your office anymore.
  • Give a smile as you enter your house.
  • Be inquisitive at the dinner table.
  • Try to give 100% at the above said points

Some of the parents commented on his above post and said that they take a deep breath and tell themselves that the moment of today will never return. The moment they are with their family is the most important moment of the day. Be thankful for the moment and express your love for them as they deserve this to the maximum.

He added ‘’Large quantities of gratitude and empathy for my family have helped me be less of a grump and get more involved. I celebrate your vulnerability and success’’.

As they progress in their lives they certainly don’t want their children to suffer. They have taken to switching off their phone at the dinner table till the bed time. It is good to model good behavior in front of your kids even if you had a bad day with unpleasant experiences. Put your best version in front of your kids.

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