10 Celebrities Who Actually Chose To Live A Simple Life

There is a famous quote of Dalai Lama ‘’Wealth and success don’t make you happy’’. It is very nice thing and feeling to see the celebrities live a very normal life in spite of their wealth and success without even feeling the urge for a showing off. Being rich did not climb to their minds and they chose to spend their life in a humble and simple way.

We respect such humble people and respect their integrity and love to share some celebrities with you who support this thought.

Jennifer Lawrence

She was the highest paid actress during 2015 and 16, with an annual income of $52 million and $46 million. Despite this whopping income she is not in the habit of blowing money. She always lived in a small apartment in New York or a little condo in LA. She also owned a small house in Kentucky.

She lives modestly. She not only believes in saving but also helps people who are in need. She donated $2 million to the Kosair Children’s Hospital and likewise to many non-profiting organizations.

Keanu ReevesGellar

His public image is very positive. He is tagged as a workaholic and charming personality. The film Matrix gave him $80 million  and $114 million from another special effects movie. He thinks about money as the last thing and tries to live on what he has for the next few centuries.

His popularity has no affect on his character. Once he was flying to LA when his flight got diverted to Bakerfield. He did not wait for the plane to repair but instead took a van fior him and his other passengers and reached his destination.

Elijah Wood

He was famous for his role in The Lord Of The Rings. He grossed a massive $1.1 million at the box office. He always takes care of other people and lives a simple life and does a lot of charity work.

Similarly there are a score of other celebrities who live a very simple life, despite of being rich and famous. A brief list is given below for your reference:

Sarah Michele Gellar

Robert Pattison

Mark Zuckerberg

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Mick Jagger

Leonardo DiCaprio

Shailine Woodley

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