Heroic Boy Risked His Life To Save A Drowning Baby Deer From Floodwaters – Video

Today we are going to share with you a story of a brave young boy who risked his life to save a deer. Whenever we hear such stories of courage, our heart goes out to the heroes of the story. We are a selfish breed and we only think of ourselves on this earth. But when you will go through this story you will feel the love for the animals who share this earth with us. This happened when a young boy saw a deer baby in the river and risked his own life to bring the baby deer to safety.

This incident happened somewhere in Bangladesh. A baby deer was isolated from its family due to a flooded river and the chances of survival were very dim. But then a young boy in his early teens came to the scene and saved the baby deer and united it with its family. There were times when the boy was fully immersed in the river except for the hand that held the deer above the water.

Hasibul Wahab, the photographer of this brave act said that he was impressed by the boy’s courage and at the same time was worried about his safety. His friend was eager to jump into the river to save him but was thanked when the boy was ashore. The event was witnessed by about five or seven people on the shore.

The river was so swift that the onlookers doubted about the safe return of the boy. But Balal, the name of the brave boy made it to the other side of the river and united the calf to its family. The calf was separated from the family due to the torrential rain in the area and sudden flooding of the Naokhali river.

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