People Post Photos of Black Women From Fantasy Photoshoots And The Images Are Stunning

Fantasy photography often tends to keep its fans glued to the screen, but the color of the skin has been creating a sad rift for the women. But as an exception, a woman by the Twitter handle ‘’btsanima’’ decided to bring out the black woman as a great subject for photography.

She has also started a Twitter thread with the title – ‘’ Black women in fantasy photography thread bc even though our presence is small, it will not be deterred.’’

It at once went viral with 69,4K re tweets and comments as well as 214.6K likes and still counting.

So it is time that we dive deep into the series of jaw dropping photographs with the Black beauties .

We tried to reach out to the woman behind the twitter thread, but she requested to stay anonymous. We wanted to discuss the presence of the black women in the snaps.

She has been a fan of fantasies for many years and is well known by her nick name Dee.

While she likes the classics like ‘Lord of The Rings and Game of Thrones, etc, she feels bad for the lack of faces like her.

She later found out a pocket of instagram and it specialized in the fantasy photography and discovered the presence of the black women in it.

Now that she is deeply engrossed into the subject, she has found out that the fantasy photographers are inclined towards having at least one photoshoot with a black woman in their collections.

All the photographs were excellent and Dee decided to share them with her followers. It is believed that the black women are not showing interest in these fantasy projects.

And the group of girls that are included in the project, do not usually do this genre.

Dee considers as this is an issue for the industry as a whole.

Although it has been improving over the years as the colored women are making ripples in the industry and leaving a considerable impact. But there is a long way to go.

She stated that the photographers need to learn the art of photographing a black woman.

There are mistakes being made in the fashion industry as people do not adapt to the dark skin.

She urges the photographers to complete their research work and put in all effort in this field. After all the artists should be open to learning and find new ways to improve and expand their range.


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