Black-Owned Family-Style Restaurant In Alabama Has No Prices And Feeds Anyone Who Is Hungry

The owners of Drexell& Honeybee’s, a family-style black-owned restaurant in Brewton, Alabama, are attracting national recognition because they offer no-price meals. The donation-only restaurant does not use cash registers and serves everyone-even those who have nothing to pay for.

Husband and wife, Freddie and Lisa Thomas-McMillan, are busy feeding hungry people with soul food and Southern dishes from their daily evolving menu such as fried chicken, cornbread, and collard greens every lunchtime from Tuesday to Thursday.

Anyone who comes to the restaurant shouldn’t worry about the payment because they can leave a handful of coins, a generous donation, or even just a note of thanks. Then the owners use 100 per cent of the donations for the operating costs of feeding the hungry so that they don’t really benefit from it.

Even so, the McMillans tend to support people from all walks of life in return for the happiness they get from it all. They say there’s real joy every time people leave their restaurant with a full stomach, a full heart, and the understanding you ‘re loved and worthy of love.

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