Billy Dee Williams Clears Up “Gender-Fluid” Remarks, Says He’s Not Gay – Video

“Star Wars” star Billy Dee Williams is clarifying comments he made regarding his use of gender-fluid pronouns, using “himself” and “herself” to refer to himself, emphasizing that he wasn’t trying to say he was gender fluid.

In fact, the 82-year-old “Star Wars” legend said he wasn’t even familiar with the term in a new interview with The Undefeated. He says that his initial comments were simply misunderstood, or perhaps it’s that he didn’t understand how his comments could be seen as he was unfamiliar with how gender-fluid is described.

In fact, when he saw the interpretation of his comments spreading across the internet, Williams said he asked someone, “What is gender fluid?” admitting he’d never heard the term before. And once it was explained to him, “What I was talking about was about men getting in touch with their softer side of themselves,” he explained. “There’s a phrase that was coined by Carl G. Jung … that’s ‘Anima animus.’

And anima means that is the female counterpart of the male self and the animus is the male counterpart of the female.” “So that’s what I was referring to,” he said. “I was talking about men getting in touch with the female side of themselves. I wasn’t talking about gender, I wasn’t talking about gay or straight.” He went on to conclude, “I’m not gay — by any stretch of the imagination. Not that I have anything against gay people. But personally? Not gay.”


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